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Laptop & Phone Repairs made easy.

Phone & Laptop Repairs it’s what we do. Ready to leave your worries behind when it comes to your everyday work and home smart devices? We are always ready to advise and give 100% of our knowledge and resources to fix your device, reduce manufacturing and most importantly help the environment which we all need to take care of for our future generations!

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iFix Support

We understand the urgency in today’s world and the constant connectedness that everyone seeks for personal or business purposes, and we’re ready to support you fully with all of your repair needs.

We’re always happy to save you some funds to be used for other purposes, whether in savings, donations, or spending money for your family.  

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that you can count on!

Broken screens on smartphones, charging issues, liquid damage repairs on Apple or any other brand, damaged housings, iPhone back glass repair, and many more – We have helped with quite a lot of headaches for our clients and kept the wheels moving.

Our team is dedicated to educating our clients on how they can extend their devices’ life, and if it comes to a repair we’re ready to deliver.

Laptop repairs

Liquid Damage, broken screen? We support any brand laptop repair like Apple, Dell, Acer, MSI, and all others with any kind of defects!

Smartphone Repairs

Daily phone repairs are our coffee and breakfast - Screen, battery, charging ports, cameras, back glass with parts from stock!

Tablet & iPad repair

With most parts in stock always ready to take care of your Pro or kids' Tablet with the best quality & fastest turnaround possible!

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All In One Devices

If you ever heard that iMacs or any other all-in-one device are not fixable, Think again!


With the world's manufacturing going in high gear we're facing this challenge head-on and are always ready to educate you for a better future!


Our support team understands your daily needs when it comes to having your device functional when it's the most needed, so you can always count on us for personal or business purposes!

Our Quick & Easy 3 Stage Process

Contact us

Let us know what kind of repair or advice you need and we'll provide you with a clear explanation based on your request, and lead you through the process.

Come by the shop

Leave us your device and we'll do a free checkup for you no matter if it takes 10min or 2 days, whether is a simple screen replacement or liquid damage, and we'll advise you on the repair price before we proceed any further.

Wait for our call

Once the repair is done and we have tested the device fully, you'll receive a notification or a call for pickup. Quick repairs are done while you wait so you can spend that time at our sales department while we take care of the device at the repair shop.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We do repairs on any of these liquid damaged devices, and we understand the importance of data to be recovered, like pictures, documents, videos, etc.

When the screen does not require regluing, then yes, you can wait for it to be replaced. It’s always recommended to leave the device at least for one hour so iFix technicians can test your device properly & fully.

For any device which has been dropped in water, it is very important to remove the battery if it’s possible, switch off the device, and very important not try to switch it back on. Bring the device to us as soon as you can so iFix technicians will take care of the rest.

Yes, we accept card payments as well as cheques.

Yes, with our sales shop we offer a wide range of Electronics, such as New Phones, Tablets & Laptops, Protective covers, tempered glass, power banks, pen drives, SD cards, Bluetooth headsets, Routers, Laptop adapters, Smartphones and much more.