About Us

Our Story

iFix was established in January 2017 by two hard-working and technically educated people. We have realized that a well-matching team of different personalities & skills led us to start a great working business entity that will benefit the community.

With a growing number of customers, we learned, that the key to success is to listen to the customer and explain in detail how to take care of the device and how to prevent future damage. Patience and communication are the most important aspect and sometimes can be as effective as the repair itself.

Our young and enthusiastic team possesses a high level of skills and we are committed to hard work and learning new techniques to provide day-to-day service for any device with the best outcome possible. 

The continuous support of our returning customers drives us every day to deliver the best.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to become a trusted partner to our clients no matter if B2C or B2B, ensuring reliability, customer satisfaction & privacy, flexibility, and professional attitude at all times.
Taking care of our clients is our main priority in everyday communication, with the focus on delivering the best results possible on any repair or customer care action taken.
The vision of making a difference in the world by lowering the manufacturing and having high-quality repairs is always in mind, and we stand by it every day.


Goals & Objectives

Our professional team’s goals are to take care of every client and device with the highest priority and offer a solution for each case, tailored to the need of the client.
Happy Customers with their devices working for the best possible price is our daily goal.
Our Objectives are based on economic, social, and human contributions. With an education in mind, we can teach our clients how to save their funds by taking care of their devices, thus helping the social status of the community which further down helps in lowering the environmental impact which we can all benefit from.

What People Are Saying